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Protecting our puppies and our customers is of great concern. We respectfully ask that you strongly consider this lifetime commitment before purchasing any new puppy. Please educate yourself on the breed you have chosen. All breeds are not suitable for all lifestyles and environments. If you reside in a managed property: verification of allowed pet ownership by Property Management is mandatory before purchasing a puppy.

Please read the following before placing a deposit or making a purchase!

Consumer Online Tips - In an attempt to help protect consumers from unreliable online breeders
Quail Ridge Kennels respectfully suggest:

Before purchasing a new puppy online please take these few simple steps to help insure your puppy was bred and raised by a professional, caring, competent breeder.

1) Ask Questions: Get to know your breeder and allow them to get to know you.
2) Ask for References: You may want to communicate with their veterinarian of record.
3) Ask to See the Kennel: If a personal visit is not possible ask to see pictures of the kennel facility.
4) Request a Photo: To insure ownership ask the breeder to take a photo of the desired puppy with the current date or a specific item or word.
5) Cheap Online Puppies: Over populated, substandard kennels often offer cheap puppies for sale.
6) Be Confident: If you have any doubts regarding a breeder don't buy.

For Quail Ridge Kennel's Veterinarian Reference call the Paris Veterinarian Hospital at (479) 963-2221

Make a Deposit or a  Purchase

Need to think about it a little longer:

Make a Payment

Need to make a payment on your puppy balance:

A PayPal Account is not required to complete a Purchase, Deposit or Payment. Call
479-667-3788 if you experience problems completing your transaction or for other payment options. A $200.00 is required to reserve a puppy. Payment amounts can be as much or as little as you'd like.The balance due including any applicable airfare must be paid 6 weeks from the date of the deposit. Flights or Pick-up will be arranged once payment is completed.

Ready to purchase a new puppy:

Effective January 1, 2019 flights have been discontinued.

Shipping via commercial air is a service we cordially provide for the convenience of our customers. Quail Ridge Kennels makes every effort to accommodate our clients. Live animal flights are limited to major airports by commercial airlines.

Please allow us to verify the airport destination before purchasing your new puppy.

Puppies have had their dew claws removed and their tails tipped.

Each puppy will arrive with:
1) Arkansas Health Certificate
2) Shot Record
3) Registration and Micro-Chip Documents
4) Travel Crate
5) Puppy Food.

Every puppy is age current on all vaccinations and parasite control and comes with a Replacement Health Warranty.