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Hello Sherry, We love this little puppy so much. She has kept us very busy these past two weeks. Plus we have tried to keep her busy as well. This pup is one well traveled little thing. Thank you again so much for working on getting her here to us. Its very much appreciated. Best Regards, Denise

I wanted to thank you so much for the conversation this morning! I'm sending you a couple pictures of our Jacy (aka Chic) like I said I would, I hope you enjoy them! There are two with her shoe she found in the ocean, and it is HER shoe!! And then there is one with her sitting on the table outside, and no, we do not let her sit on the table at home, but it's vacation and she can see over the deck that way! We have really enjoyed her as an addition to our family and I am 99 percent sure we will be coming back for a little brother or sister in the next year! Again thank you so much! The Hicks family

Ellie Mae and Rudy
Here is Ellie Mae with our son Whitt on Sunday morning. As you can see they have bonded well. Of course, she has bonded well with all of us. She has my husband wrapped around her finger. I will send pictures along to show you how she is doing. Thanks again. Jennifer

Just thought I would send you a update on Pudge. Things are going great, We love him so much. He comes to work with me 2 times a week it is going very well he enjoys the young lady I support. He attends his daycare 3 times a week,he has made a lot of friends there , the staff love him he loves to be the 1st one to meet all the dogs one so they call him the escape artist. We walk around a lake every week end and he looks at the water but has not gone in the lake as of yet, we hope he will enjoy swimming. He did excellent but no running or doggy daycare for 10 days and must wear a sock when out side. How do you keep a puppy happy with no running or long walks and no friends to play with. Lots of new toys. So rite now he comes to work with me,it not so bad .We have taken some new photos for you. In closing we are very blessed to have a great dog. Warmest Regards The Hulsyn Family

Boo Bug Boo is doing fabulous her nickname is Boo Bug cause she's a snuggle luv bug. Her best friend is Lily they are playin all the time. Thanks again for all your help during the puppy process. All the info. you gave me about Jacks was right on. Thanks for such a wonderful friend not to mention her Soo SUPER cute face just like little Bud! Have a wonderful day!

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Jacky Don Catfishin’ He's a fishin’ fool just like me. Thanks a bunch Jacky Don being my net.

Max fka Skully
We are all so happy! He has brought a whole new happy energy into our night both nights, has not barked one time, and has only had one small accident in the house. He is super sweet, but is still a very busy puppy! We are very interested in a female and would love to see pictures. We'll be checking your website regularly. I know it's hard to tell so early, but do any of them have solid white bodies with brown heads...that's the look we like. Thank you so much for such a wonderful little puppy!!!

Punkin' and Packer
Packer has a new one dog posse! And her head fits perfectly in his mouth.

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Maggie fka Missy
Well, we have a WILD one on our hands. We named the puppy Maggie, and she is fiesty! We have had so much fun with her since she came to us last week, and Max (Skully) has had such a great time playing with her. They play rough, and are pretty aggressive with each other, but then they curl up together to sleep. It is such a sweet thing to see. Thank you so much for our wonderful additions to our family. I will send pictures soon. Kate

In Memory of Scout-May 2012

Eddie always chooses the little hole to sleep in. These two are a riot together!!

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