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Just thought you might like this picture of Yogi!! He is such a little angel of a dog. He will ride in that wagon for 15-20 minutes at a time. Bless his little heart!! Hope all is well with you and your family. Kristine D.

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Here are some pictures of Rascal last summer in Colorado. He loves to travel and live in the trailer. He lives on top the couch in the window. A real busy body, he knows what all the neighbors are doing. He really enjoys 4x4 wheeling in the mountains and exploring. He still has energy after running all day at 12,000 foot altitude. He loves to hike and explore the wild country. We did have to leash him up after a rather large eagle started circling. Rascal is not as hyper as we thought Russell's might be. He's busy most of the day, but by about 9-9:30pm he's ready for bed and heads for his crate by himself. Around 2-3 in the morning he climbs into bed (under the covers) with us and loves to sleep in with Pam. He then gets carried to her chair where he lays her lap for the first couple cups of coffee in the morning. He loves to spend a few hours in the mornings sitting under the Purple Martin house watching the birds. He drives them crazy right now because they have babies in the nest and they scream and swoop at him. We think a few have pecked him because at times he runs with his tail between his legs away from them, but he'll be back tomorrow to do it all over again. He is the perfect companion for us especially RVing. Our plans right now include selling our home and buying a Motor home in about a year. We will then semi-retire and travel and live in the motor home full time. R. Heasley

Just wanted to give you an update on Derby. He is the most awesome little fellow. We just love him! He completed the beginner and intermediate levels of obedience with honors. Haven't had a chance to do the advanced class yet. Hoping to do get the last class in and do some more agility training. He is so smart. Just a joy to be around. He is right at 14 lbs now. Can't imagine life without him. Hope all if well with you. Thanks so much, Danny, Lee & Danny

Here are a few pictures of Rookie with the boys. They were so excited and just love him! He is doing great...we are working on potty Thanks, Jennifer

Hawkeye’s rough coat has gotten so thick and warm -- he loves to heel, sit, down and a couple other commands, but not good at fetch. Would rather chew what's thrown than bring it back. On Christmas Day our daughter put a ribbon on him while we were unwrapping presents, and took the attached photo, which I thought you'd enjoy. Sincerely,The Howell Family

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