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Take a moment and stroll with us down Memory Lane.  Our puppies of the past are ever present in our hearts and in our minds.  Read the kind words of the wonderful families that have welcomed our puppies into their hearts, their lives and their homes.  It is the sincere hope of Quail Ridge Kennels that the world enjoy our puppies as much as we do.

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Hey Sherry, Buster is doing great! We love him. Just wanted to send you a few pictures. Thanks again, Samantha

Hi Sherry,updated picture of squirrel and Chilli. Im glad we decided to take the both of them. We just love them so much and they are so cute together. Thanks

Thought you might want to see an updated picture of Ellie Mae (Taffi out of Bud/Pepper litter). She is such a sweetheart. So much personality and so loving. She also thinks she's a retriever. Her and our lab are in completion to see who can get the bumper out of the pool faster .She hops right in and goes to work. Lol I will see if I can send you a video. Thank you again for such a sweet pup. Hope you had a great Christmas. Jennifer Taylor, MS

Hi Sherry, Arlo is wonderful, he is so smart & we love him so much.

Here are a few recent pictures of Hattie The Mad Hatter. Every time I get on the computer she is all over me wanting attention! She definitely likes it to be all about her. Snow recently, that is her pink raincoat which she loves to have on when it rains/snow so she stays dry outside. Well got to go.........Ron/Jane

Hello Sherry,I just wanted to give you some news of SIMBA. She is lovely and really playful. We love her so much and are super happy to have her in our life! She is a really good puppy and she is getting bigger already. She just loves to be with us, and is so affective! Jack Russell are always super close of their owner but his little girl is special! Thanks a lot! Have a great day,Caroline

He is doing great! The kids named him Odie, he is pretty well traveled so far! He just gets in our truck and rides along great. He loves to look out the window! He is a very well mannered dog, he loves to play but is very laid back. Its funny he has just fell right in, he is very curious about all the animals on the farm. Thanks again we love him!

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Hey Sherry!Just wanted to give an update on Amos(now named Emmett). He is such a wonderful,curious, energetic, sweet puppy! I cannot tell you how much we love him. He is so funny and a bit of a rascal but is very affectionate too. He and his new brother, black lab Brody, are big time buddies! They play all the time and cuddle in the same dog bed (which really isn't big enough for two, but they make it work ha ha). He is very famous amongst my Facebook and Instagram friends as well as my family. His first vet visit went very well and he is super healthy!Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family. Please thank Lil' Bud and Pippi too!

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing little Jack we purchased from you. My husband purchased Ollie in Feb of 2012. We named him Max which sometimes he is called Maximus because he thinks he's a big dog. He loves to go trapping with my husband. We just can't get over how smart he is and how he listens and obeys. We truly love him. Bowers Family

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Sherry: I'm calling her puppy because we're still uncertain about the name. I thought of Baby last night.That's the name of the character Jennifer Grey played in Dirty Dancing. We have to see her personality before we make a final decision. But from what we've seen so far, what were we thinking? She's got so much energy, and loves to play. She even let's you know when she wants you to pick her up. And, she loves to cuddle, plus she likes feet! Thanks again for your help, caring, and that you put up with all the emails. This family really needed this puppy. Ron K.

Hi Sherry,The pups are fine. I'm enjoying watching them fight. It seems they rarely take a break. Packer is getting calloused on his checks from Punkin latching on. It's hilarious. Was Pooky and Packer from the same litter? Thought these pics of Pack were great. He's eying a squirrel.

Finally, Stanley has acknowledged Miley as the boss and now follows her around like his surrogate mommy. He is no longer aggressive and is trying to cuddle with Miley, they lay on the couch together and he also quit growling at Karen. Still doing his business outside and the only trouble he has is what toy to take out of the toy box to play with next. I registered him with UKC and activated his chip yesterday, off to the vet tomorrow for his first checkup. Major transformation yesterday and he is very much at home, thanks again and rest assured he will be loved and well taken care of. Jim

Hi Sherry! Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that Amos had a good night and is adjusting very well. His big brother Brody loves him and they are getting along great. Amos is very special to us and he will be loved so much!

Just wanted to thank you so much for all you did, I love having Gooch! Michelle

Ruby is sooo sweet! We love her!I have three daughters and they are crazy for Ruby!

Madi is doing great and is a sweet little doggie. Thank youf or getting her off to such a great start. She's the perfect pet for us. The boys have named her Madi Mad-dog Morrow for our baseball team mascot.They love her. Thanks again. Angie

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