Litter pictures will be posted as new litters arrive.

 Quiet Please - The Puppies Are Sleeping
The Quail Ridge Nursery was designed with mothers and babies in mind.  Mothers are brought into the nursery two weeks prior to their due date and will remain in the nursery until she has successfully weaned her puppies. The puppies' health and growth is closely monitored from birth. Along with their mother's milk our puppies are offered a nutritional puppy food at 4 weeks of age. By the age of 6 weeks the puppies are eating dry food and weaning occurs when mom avoids her puppies and no longer wants to nurse them.  Quail Ridge Kennels follows a strict disease and parasite preventative treatment program.  Every puppy is age current on their vaccinations and is micro-chipped prior to leaving our kennel.

Planned Breeding's

We will have new litters in the Spring of 2019.

Franklin's Russellville Bud X Franklin's Nanner Puddin’

Franklin’s Sky Rocket Man X Franklin’s Indy Ivy

Franklin’s Funny Festus X Franklin’s Ivory Ivy

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The Nursery

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Franklin’s Russellville Bud X Franklin's Puddin’ Pie

Date of Birth: May 13, 2019

Available Date: July 8, 2019

Litter: Males 4    Females 3