Welcome to Quail Ridge Kennels
Continued education on canine care, nutrition,disease prevention and genetics are an integral part of my operation.  A
selective, ethical breeding program produces healthy, happy, quality breed standard puppies. My kennel is inspected
weekly by families in search of a new puppy and annually by a licensed Veterinarian and by the
USDA. The fifteen adult
dogs that live in our kennel receive individual hands on attention daily.  My dogs are treated with respect combined with
quality care and love.  Assuring the present and future quality of life, safety, health and happiness of our adults and
puppies is our first priority.  Romps around the farm and the occasional dip in the pond are routine for the dogs.
Climate controlled buildings, spacious 36' runs and toys for play keep our dogs  healthy and happy.  
The Nursery was specially designed to provide comfort, safety and sanitation for our mothers and their babies.  Cameras
constantly monitor our nursery.  Shorter 8' runs provide ample space for moms while caring for their babies.  Whelping
boxes lined with plush carpet keep moms and babies warm and cozy.  Raised flooring in the nursery keep young active
puppies clean and dry.   Moms enjoy a little time away from the kids with regular "Mommy's Time Out"
Inside housing is a 5' X 5' stall lined with smooth fiberglass for easy cleaning.  Thick washable rubber mats provide
comfortable bedding for our girls and guys.  Quality feed combined with an endless supply of continuous clean fresh
water is standard.  Trent is quickly taking his Daddy place as the #1 Puppy Player.     
The QRK kennels was designed for the comfort of our dogs.
Cleaning, filling feeders, baths, micro-chipping and basic health checks are just a small part of the daily routine.
Tasks include washing down outside runs, power washing inside housing, vaccinating our adults as well as our puppies
and preparing the travel crates for puppies going home .
The QRK adult dogs and puppies are feed high quality food.
The QRK vaccination and microchip progam.
Side entrance into the kennel.
Audery washes down the runs.
Inside the large kennel building.
Sherry's is power washing the inside housing.
Someone's getting ready to go home!
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