Lee's Pedigree

Franklin's Ivy Lee

QRK's own Ivy Lee is a very attractive little sweetie. She inherited her mother's fun loving, mischievous disposition. She is the daughter of ORK's Poison Ivy and Isaac. Lee has a broken coat with red markings. Her body is white. She is 9½” tall and weighs 13.0lbs. Lee is friendly and happy-go-lucky. We are looking forward to adding her to our breeding program in the late fall 2016.

After agonizing for the past year it is with a heavy heart I’ve made the decision that my health issues dictate that the time has come to say goodbye to Quail Ridge Kennels.

The QRK adults would be an excellent asset to any breeding program.
1 Male 3 Female Group: $2,400.00
Our dogs will be placed with quality, qualified breeders.
QRK reserves the right to refuse a sale.
All sales are final.
For additional information call or text me at 479-667-6979 or email me at puppies@qrkonline.com

Smooth Coat:  A smooth, short coat that lays close to the body and does not have trace hair on the head, face, legs or body.

Broken Coat:  A coat that is very similar to a smooth coat but has trace hair on the head, face, legs or body.  A broken coat should not be soft - it should be harsh to provide protection from the elements.  (Trace hair is uncontrollable lengths of hair that does not lay close to the body.)

Rough Coat:  A coat that has excess course trace hair on the head, face, legs or body. The coarse hair is longer than on a smooth or broken coat.

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Franklin's Lucky Leo

Lucky Leo came to us from AK and Ruby Shepherd.  He has made QRK his home since he was 8 weeks old.  Leo has grown into an outstanding little man.  He is 10.” tall and weighs 13.lbs. He is heavy boned and well muscled. Leo presents a good disposition and is people friendly. QRK is looking forward to including Leo in our breeding program.

Leo's Pedigree

Franklin's Nanner Puddin’

Keeping our bloodline intact, Pud was born and raised at QRK. She is the daughter of Puddin, now retired and Isaac. She will be joining our breeding program in the fall of 2016. Pud  is a white smooth coat with red markings. She’s a small girl with heavy bone. Pud stands 8 ½” tall and weighs 12.0bs. Her personality is friendly and outgoing.

Pud's Pedigree

Available Adult Breeding Dogs

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QRK Adult Retires

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Home QRK Adults Nursery Litter One Litter Two Litter Three

These adults are looking to find a retirement pet home.  They are healthy and have many years ahead of them.  We offer them free to good homes.  Spaying or neutering will be a requirement when adopting one of our Guys or Gals. Registration papers will not go with the dogs.  No flights, pick-up only.

 For more information please contact QRK by calling or text 479-667-6979.

Reggie is one of our breeding Jack Russell females.

Free to the RIGHT home.

Rattled Reggie is just that, “Rattled”.
Reggie is a sweet girl but does not easily trust strangers.  She would be an excellent farm dog. Once transitioned she would work hard at keeping unwanted critters off the property.
 Reggie was born March 8th, 2012.  She is healthy and spunky and has many good years of a happy life
ahead of her.

Free to the RIGHT home.

Fenton is a three year neutered male.  He’s a beautiful boy.  He is looking for a secluded one person home out on the mountain or in the woods.  He does not like strangers and will bite if suddenly approached.

Fenton is current on all his shots.  He will make a wonderful pet in the right home.

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Franklin's Ivory Ivy

Ivory is our second daughter of Ivy and Bud.  She is a fulll sister to Indy. She is the spitting image of her mother Ivy. Ivory is a compact little girls weighing in at 12.0lbs and 9” tall.  QRK is excited to have her in our program.

Ivory's Pedigree