Lil' Bud - Breeding Jack Russell Male

Franklin's Russellville Bud

Bud hails from Russellville Farms in
Plan Dealing Louisiana. He joined the QRK program in the winter of 2010. Bud is
white with red markings and he has a
heavy smooth coat. He stands 11.0” and weighs 20.7lbs. Bud has never met a stranger! His friendly, outgoing personality combined with his handsome good looks makes him an excellent male for our breeding program.

Lil' Bud's Pedigree

 The Quail Ridge Kennels
“Our Adults”

Reggie is one of our breeding Jack Russell females.

Franklin's Rattled Reggie

Reggie was born at QRK. She is the daughter of Penny and Tank, now retired. Puddin' is her mother's full sister. Reggie is a white smooth coat with tan markings. She stands 9.0” tall and weighs 12.8lbs. Reggie's personality is kind, warm, and loving mixed with a never say die attitude. She is a bit of a comedian but she takes her mothering responsibilities and her hunting seriously.

Reggie's Pedigree
Pippi is an outstanding Jack Russell breeding female.

Franklin's Lil’ Pippi

Born and raised at QRK, she is a wonderful mother and a valuable asset to our breeding program. Pippi is the daughter of Punky, a sister to Puddin' and was sired by our now retired Tank. She has a broken coat and is white with red markings. Pippi stands 9.0” tall and weighs 12.5lbs. This little sweetheart is the Kennel Police. It seems she's always on the lookout and steadily patrols looking for any signs of trouble.

Pippi's Pedigree
QRK's Ivy is a beautiful JRT female.

Franklin's Poison Ivy

One of QRK's own, Ivy is the Kennel Instigator. Her fun loving, mischievous personality gets her into some precarious situations. Ivy let's the rest of the gang know that the fun and pranks are over when she has puppies. She's a protective, attentive mother. Ivy is a white broken coat with red markings. She stands 9½” tall and weighs 12.8lbs. Penny is her mother and Tank is her sire, both parents are now retired.

Ivy's Pedigree
Outstanding Jack Russell Male - Retired

Franklin’s Tank

Mother of outstanding puppies - Retired

Franklin’s Lil’ Punky

QRK breeding female now retired.

Franklin’s Shinny Penny

The QRK Gals

The QRK Guys

The QRK Retirees

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Fenton's Pedigree

Franklin’s Fine Fenton

Fenton is QRK’s new rising star. Thank you 42jackrussell for allowing us to bring Fenton into our QRK family.  His outstanding good looks combined with his outgoing personality will certainly be an asset to the QRK program. Fenton stands 10” and weighs 15lbs. He is the total package!

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Franklin’s Puddin’ Pop

Puddin' is a Quail Ridge Kennels' adult female Jack Russell.

Franklin’s Miss Molly Sue

Quail Ridge Kennels' Molly.

Franklin's Fireball Fuzz

Fuzz is just as his name implies, a Fireball.  He is very friendly, loves to meet new people.  His playful nature makes him a natural comedian.  He stands at 10” tall and weighs 12.0lbs. His rough coat is white with tan markings.  Fuzz will be joining our breeding program in the fall of 2016. We are excited to have him in our lineup.

Fuzz's  Pedigree

Franklin's Nanner Puddin’

Keeping our bloodline intact, Pud was born and raised at QRK. She is the daughter of Puddin, now retired and Isaac. She will be joining our breeding program in the fall of 2016. Pud  is a white smooth coat with red markings. She’s a small girl with heavy bone. Pud stands 8 ½” tall and weighs 12.0bs. Her personality is friendly and outgoing.

Pud's Pedigree

Franklin's Puddin’ Pie

Homegrown Pie is a daughter of Puddin’ and Isaac. Sweet as her name, Pie is a beautiful girl in a small package. She is a white smooth coat with red markings. Muscle and bones she stands 8½” tall and weighs just 12.0lbs. Pie will take her place in our breeding pro in 2016. Her outstanding looks and her proud and gentle, playful nature, she will be a wonderful addition to our program.

Pie's Pedigree

Franklin's Ivy Lee

QRK's own Ivy Lee is a very attractive little sweetie. She inherited her mother's fun loving, mischievous disposition. She is the daughter of ORK's Poison Ivy and Isaac. Lee has a broken coat with red markings. Her body is white. She is 9½” tall and weighs 13.0lbs. Lee is friendly and happy-go-lucky. We are looking forward to adding her to our breeding program in the late fall 2016.

Lee's Pedigree

Franklin's Irish Ivy

Serious Ira is one of our own.  She is the daughter of QRK’s Poison Ivy and Isaac. Her and her sister Lee will carry the QRK bloodline on into the future. Ira is 9½” tall and weighs in at 13.2lbs.  She is a white with red markings broken coat. Ira has her playful side but also has a serious side. She is affectionate and loving.  She will take her place in the QRK breeding program in the late fall of 2016.

Irs's Pedigree

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Franklin’s Hurricane Isaac

Isaac - Jack Russell Stud

Franklin’s Lil’ Pooky

Jack Russell Feamale - Pooky

Franklin's Pippi Pip’s

Pipper is a bit laid back, you might even say she has a laziness about her. Pipper enjoys attention and loves to meet new people. She is a native of QRK, the daughter of Bud and Pippi, a sister to Peepers. Pipper is 10.5” tall and weighs 15lbs.  Her red markings and broken coat make her a very attractive little girl.  We are excited to have her as one of the QRK Gals.

Pip's Pedigree

Franklin's Pippi Peep’s

Peepers is a little sweetheart.  Friendly, kind heated and loving.  Her smooth coat, bright eyes and nice markings make her a wonderful addition. Peepers is 9.5” tall and weighs 13lbs.  She is a daughter of Bud and Pippi and a sister to Pipper. Her maternal grandparents, Tank and Punky are retired now but remain a part of the QRK family in the pictures below.

Peep's Pedigree