Quail Ridge Kennels
“Setting the Standard”

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Home of Outstanding Jack Russell Terriers!

Quail Ridge Kennels is a family owned kennel committed to the preservation of the deep-rooted characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier. Outstanding puppies come from selective ethical breeding programs combined with caring, dedicated professionals and a clean, healthy, dog friendly environment in which to live.

What you need to know about JRT’s:
Jack Russell Terrier Club or America

Quail Ridge Kennels
is located in the beautiful
Ozark Mountain River Valley in Arkansas.
Visitors are Welcome!
Live to far away?
You are cordially invited to tour
Quail Ridge Kennels online and visit the fine dogs who proudly call this kennel home.

Safe one day Puppy Flights are available.

God’s Not Dead!

The QRK adults are PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) tested.  Every QRK puppy receives preventive vaccinations and internal and external parasite control.  Each puppy is properly weaned from its mother and is being fed a high quality puppy food. Our puppies receive hands-on care and attention daily.  Please read our Replacement Health Warranty and our Shipping Details. Our flexible Payment Plan is designed to provide our customers the opportunity to purchase the puppy of their choosing.

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